100_5239_edited Man what a great weekend that just past. I am still feeling like I could sleep for another extra night, but it was a neat weekend. That is what weekends are for!

Did ya ever have a sucky weekend? Man that is the bottom of the barrel pit-so-rama when a weekend sucks. Ya wait all week for the weekend and boom- it is torture.

But this past weekend… not-so-much. We got to see both our grandsons- and this little guy is 3 weeks old now, pretty alert, he was pretty content. Just looking around, observing whatever his 3 week old eyes can see.

Mark held him in the crook of his arm for over 1/2 hr, and he lay there at peace, looking at whatever caught his eye.

I look at Preston and it seems like only yesterday Brandon was that size… yet Brandon is going to be 2 in August. 100_5242



Brandon LOVES being outside. And if an airplane flies over- it is the best thing in the world. He will point and say “Dat” He points at various things and says “Dat”. it is so much fun to see his fascination with life.

Brandon is becoming tall enough to open the storm doors and to let himself out, so the kids are going to put a hook lock high on the door so he can not get it opened. 

He needs to have major child psychology for getting him to come back in- I bribed him with a ride in his toy cop car he has in the house.

Preston and Brandon are lucky- they have a good strong parental unit., and grandparents, great grandparents and family that care for them.




Than last evening Mark spoke with Adrianne on the phone…

and I could hear across the room Mackenzie as she was screaming with joy as she crawled around their house. It is so neat to have our kids having their own kids. They seem to both love their children and both of them have kids with smiles that can only make you laugh.

Yes, life was good this weekend…

and today was not a bad Monday.. ( all except the part when I had to wake up by the alarm clock this morning!)

Hope your Mondays were fine too. My love to all… Mrs Justa alias Cindy