When you look down that road what do you see?

The road of life, it is never ending , no dead ends, maybe poor choices on direction, and for sure hazards along the way that you could not predict, but what lies ahead.

The road to being healthy- that stretch of road has been a good choice. Last measurements – I was down 44.5 inches and last weigh in I am 38 pounds less. So that turn in the road was a good one.

Mark is traveling that road with me. He is always incredible at melting off the pounds, which is good for him, if he was not, he would get discouraged some, as he knows he always is an easy one to shed pounds.

What is different on this road- well the speed limit is slower. No massive drastic short cuts, not this path. This is a road to focus on. We are going to take it carefully… why??Well for one reason we plan not to turn around on it this time. Nope it is a one way path. If you are on the healthy roadway too , hang on…

When you change the way you think, the way you measure food, ( I mean measuring too… count those calories, have a food diary and enter everything that passes thru your lips, ) , read food  labels !!!,  compare it to your activity- knowing how many  calories are consumed versus spent doing whatever was done for the day… well that road is one traveled carefully.

No room to nod off.. ( have an uncontrolled consumption day.. ) nope .. on this road.. stay alert. just like a deer can run across in front of you, so can a person who wants to tempt you with a road block of donuts or double cheeseburger from fast food joints. So stay alert and avoid the dangers.

The road of life, it is never guaranteed to be smooth ( heck i am the queen of potholes and rough terrain) but hold firm, steady and be in control instead of the road being in control of you.

What ever your journey, what ever is so important to you that you can feel yourself yearn for it, take that pathway. Believe in yourself like I believe in me. Have a safe journey… we may pass one another, We will wave and stay on our side of the solid line. Love mrs justa alias Cindy

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