Every one of us have stories in our lives. Did you ever wonder what some of the other peoples stories are?

I was in a pharmacy by the church on Sunday and there were these two guys in the store.

The guy on the left was parked by the Sunday Papers that were in a shopping cart in the front of the store, his buddy was going through the store for something .

The cashier asked the guy parked in the front if he needed help, and he said, “No, I have been instructed to stay put…I am not allowed to spend money right now.”

I found that to be interesting, he and his friend obviously have health issues that cause them to need to use these scooters.

Disability is a very fixed amount, and I wondered if his story had a wife in it, and were her last words before he left with his friend “ Don’t you dare spend any money!”  … were these guys neighbors in the Senior living subsidized townhouse area they were heading back to.

Or were they roomies? They talked together like old friends as they left the store and headed back to their home/s. That made me wonder, what is their life story?

What did they do in the prime of their lives?

Where did they come from? Do they have others who care about them? 100_5212 What do they do now from sunrise to sunset? How did becoming wheelchair dependent affect them?

Did they accept it as a part of aging?? Or did they feel a great depression over their loss of independence?

Are they dads?

Do their kids pay attention to them?

Or do their kids just let them be?

How do they get things that one can not get at the drug store? Can they drive?

They did not give the impression of “poor me”, and they did not have an angry tone in their voice.

I wonder how I would be if became unable to walk? Unable to take a stroll? Would I take a stroll on my scooter and be okay about it? I can not answer that. I know I love to walk. Currently my walking is mainly on a treadmill or elliptical… but I have always loved to walk. What a loss that would be to lose that ability.

Yes we all have stories… we all could probably talk the ear off another telling them…. how are you handling your life stories? Me??? Some okay… but some I can not let go of the pain… or the loss…or the anger. I know I should forgive those who have done wrong by me… in some of my life stories… but that is so very hard to do…I try.  

Make your life stories learning adventures… and not places to harbor festering feelings. Love each moment you can take that step, or breath that air, or talk a word, or see a sight. My love to all… Mrs justa.. alias Cindy