100_2922  This is the garden size we had last year and what we will go with again this year. I would estimate it maybe 20 feet by 15 feet. Maybe a little smaller.

Our friends last year brought over their rototiller and we attacked the area in the yard to create a garden. It was really hard to do it because the soil had LOTS of rocks in it.

This year we are not going to bug them again for rototilling.. nope we bought a cultivator. The garden size is going to remain the same size, but it is cultivated now. I was feeling pretty good about the way our garden is coming out- we should be able to start planting some seeds in the next week or so… but than we went to visit our friends with the rototiller… and well I am feeling like our garden is kinda a joke.


This is their garden !!!

It must be 100 feet long at least and 35 feet wide. I personally could not imagine how long it would take to tend to a garden like this, but it would be fun getting all the veggies from it.

We will try tomatoes, squash, radishes, lettuce, snap peas, peppers….AND who knows what we will end up with…

they will have many varieties of items… heck it looked like they bought seed packets from each area of the display….probably could start a little farm store.. plus they have raspberry, elderberry and some other berry growing on their land, plum apple and pear trees… gee I think they could live off the land if they needed to.

We went out to meet their newest member to their family… meet Sadie.. 100_5227

She is from a rescue program and is the sweetest little girl .

She loves to be petted, to have her tummy rubbed and to be with people.

Look at her smile!

We are so happy for our friends… there is nothing better than a nice dog to fill your days and nights.

So off I go for the remainder of the evening… I have some things to do around the house.. and I am feeling the nod off on the couch mode hitting..

( You know the one.. where you try to stay awake.. and pretend like you are alert… but your head keeps bobbing.. and finally your significant other says… why don’t you go to bed…)

all of the sudden you know you are BUSTED>>>  Love to all, Mrs Justa… alias Cindy