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I heard on the radio the other day that it is way too early for the normal seasonal flu and if you have the achy joints or any of these symptoms, you very well could have the Swine Flu.

Let me tell you, if you get it.. it likes to hang on like a close friend for a very long time.

I got sick 2 -3 weeks before before thanksgiving. I think I missed 4 weeks of Church because I did not want to give it to anyone and I did not want to be gagging coughing in church. I had a cough that sounded like my lung was going to come out and land on the floor. I was never diagnosed with the swine flu… but ya can’t help but wonder.

Lets see, I went through 3 different antibiotics, 2 scripts of steroids different strengths, a ton of tissues, and 3 big bottle of DayQuil ( well the third is still 1/2 full ) probably 2 bottles of nightquil, a few benedryl from being allergic to the Rocephin shot in my butt, 4 office visits, chest x rays, nebulizer and puffers, and I am still not 100 % better.

I was supposed to sing a song in church last Sunday, but my voice just was not able to do it. I am committed to do it this Sunday, I think I will be okay.

My post today is to advise everyone if you feel poorly… keep it to yourself! This flu goes in waves, for a day you think you are getting better then whomp- kicks your butt again.

Mark started yesterday with congestion , tonight he has chills, we unfortunately canceled our Rochester adventure tomorrow. No sense driving 1 1/2 hrs, feeling like crap, sharing the air in a closed car with Me, Jeff, Amanda and Brandon ( who have been battling the feeling yucky symptoms then getting better only to feel lousy again for 3 months !!) plus we do not want to give it to Adrianne, Mackenzie and Josh. Just need to lay low.

We probably will  hit the rack in 2009 and waken  7 hrs into 2010. I do not think I can make it till midnight and Mark.. well he looks like he is going to need to snooze sooner than me.

So For all of you who read this.. HAPPY NEW YEAR AND thanks for coming over to share a piece of my life.  I hope this finds you feeling well, and having a safe New Years Eve. love Always, Cindy… Alias Mrs Justa.