In the whole scheme of things , what really makes a difference?

In the whole scheme of things  what ripple has an effect and what does not?

Someone once told me that if it won’t matter in 99 years, than it really is not that important. Don’t sweat it.

I wrote yesterday about the huge feeling of overwhelmed I have because of many changes all at once at work and wanting to make sure everything is laid out as simply as possible for people to understand and to be able to follow and not slow us down any.

As I went to an in-service today on yet another new project, and it is an exciting project for those who might benefit from it, I began to feel like these ducks on the rock. Do you see them?? 100_4140

Here I zoomed in on them. In doing that I thought how Apropo as I zoom in not only are they there in many directions but they appear quite fuzzy. That is how it feels sometimes, like these fuzzy ducks looking out across the vast miles and miles of water, surrounded but billions of rocks. Wondering what makes a difference.

SO these rocks and miles of water resemble the amount of stuff I feel I have to get done, and to top it off I have a class I have a presentation I need to finish, and a HUGE project that we are projecting will take 6 months.  So a lot is weighing on my mind, I know it is fine, and I am trying to figure out what really does not matter… but it all does. In this class I am in 2 different groups each with their own responsibilities.. and then we each also a presentation on our own. It is just a lot of extra stuff…

I did not bring work home tonight, but think I will for the weekend. I bought stuff to do a mini New Year welcoming with Mark and we will hang out here tomorrow night. We are heading to Roch on Friday, that is fun… then we will be back Fri evening and I think I really need to work on stuff then. Have a good night to all of you… I hope to get a few hrs of sleep, but wonder if the mind whirling will cause me to go in early in the morning and start on it. It will feel REALLY GOOD when I am done! It would be great to have it all done before 2010… NOT HAPPENING THOUGH !!!Have a good one everyone. Love mrs Justa…. alias.. Cindy