No folks this is not because I miss screens in the windows, nope this is to air out under the kitchen sink and keep the cat out!

Last night I was taking something out from under the sink and noticed it was wet on the bottom. It was 11:50 at night and I really was pooped and a part of me really wished I had not seen this, another part was really glad I did.

So I got out my portable battery light, dropped to my knees and started to empty the cabinet to see what the problem is.

Fortunately is was a drip- I traced it up to at least the last junction of a fitting and the water pipe for hot water. So my not so handy self turned the shut off to that water line off and the problem went away. I dried the bottom of the cabinet the best I could, and I really have no idea how long this was leaking, I am hoping it just started.

So the weekend before Christmas and I have not got hot water in the kitchen ! Bummer. But we have a son, a handy son, who said he would come over when he gets up. I called him at 12:05 AM, he was working. I do not know what I would do without him. HE has been a joy as a child, and now he is available to help when we need it.  We try to never ask for stuff though, do not want to bug him, but when it comes to plumbing, I think I feel much better with his expertise then other people I know… not naming any names. But lets just say there was a plumbing job that was done in the early 90s,  and the fittings were never tightened, So as we peacefully went off to sleep the hoses whipped around under the cupboard and in just a few hrs, we had a waterfall out the front door, cabinet drawers filled with water, a really wet carpet and all the heat vents in the floor filled with water. I would go into the dramatics after we discovered this problem, but I think I will let that stay our little vision.

So as I go to clean today, I will use the hot water from the tub, and not worry about the kitchen sink. We debated if we should go get a new faucet, but that seems silly when this faucet is 1 year old. It won’t seem silly if Jeff needs one !.

Ahh, life is just full of surprises. We are blessed for many reasons, today though Jeff is standing right up front for the blessings. I hope he feels blessed to !. Have a great weekend… Love, Mrs Justa.