Testing things in life. We learn to do that at a very young age. We know we are not supposed to do something, but the temptation to break the rules, to disregard your little voice in your head telling you not to, that becomes very strong.

Brandon can look at this Santa, but DO NOT TOUCH> so he figures ways to try to make the touch happen by doing something else .

Here he chose to sit on the dogs toy bin . He was acting like if his butt slid just a little to the left , then that finger pointed oh so carefully might just ACCIDENTALLY touch the Santa. Then it would not be his fault. He had his little tongue sticking out between his lips in that deep concentration look.

It is fun to watch children process things, try to figure out what is okay and what is too far from okay.

Their curiosity is amazing and also very eye opening to those who might think watching a toddler is a piece of cake. It takes total concentration on the child. You can not leave them for a second. 100_4623

This sword that Brandon has is what he has figured is an extension of his hand. So  if he touches with the sword, maybe it will be okay.

I saw him go after the Christmas tree slowly with the tip of the sword, and he tried to convince me that Santa could get touched with it too.

It is interesting to watch the processing in a child. But we need to know as we age that we should no longer test chance.

I watch people driving on slippery roads as they test fate. People do all over the place. I watched this person in the store test fate with how high she reached to try to get something off the shelf. It could have easily  toppled on her and anyone else in the area.

Do you test the waters? Do you test fate? How about going thru yellow lights, driving with the low fuel warning light on, drinking that last drink and then getting in your car, driving without your seatbelt, doing things other while you are driving your car, this list can go on and on and can become very incriminating.

And it all starts from when we were young, and we tested our parents, tested the boundaries… except as we age—we need to stop- we need to know better, we need to GROW UP.  Mrs Justa and working on not testing the waters…..

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