A Vermont fir swag, I believe that is what this was called. 100_4681 It smells of sweet pine. This was made by my niece from Vermont. She is the most down to earth, au natural family member that we have. She and her boyfriend live in a log cabin over looking a huge mountain in Vermont. The mountain they see is actually the mountain they both work at, he works on the trails and she teaches snowboarding. She is also working in a school as an aide, but she has her teaching degree and is hoping to land an art teaching job at that school in the near future. They run a co-op in the nicer weather, all organic veggies, and they run a mini farm. They are very busy and loving life, and making it work.

For the Christmas exchange this was one of the gifts from her- accompanied with a 10.00 gift card to a local grocery store. We have it hanging on our front door, but it is starting to shed, so I do not know how much longer we will be blessed with its beauty.

We look at it though and we think of her, and her enjoyment she must have had as she made it.

That is a true meaning of Christmas really, finding things to make something to give of yourself to another person.

I think we get too caught up in the newest gadgets, the newest computers, the biggest TVs, the best video games, and before we know it the charge companies are loving us and we are wondering why we spent what we did for a moment of hastily opened gifts, and really expectations beyond what they should be.

And in the end, will people remember all you gave them? A year from now, will you remember everything that exchanged hands on Christmas morning? Did you give people gifts this year out of a feeling of an obligation? Or because you wanted to give someone special something? And of those gifts you gave, what thought and meaning went with them? Or was it a task that needed to be filled? I will remember this swag, I will remember the look on Natalie’s face when the person who initially opened it was looking at it. What was special for you this holiday season? I hope there is something that touched your heart. Love always, Mrs Justa…. alias Cindy