Every time I get greeted by this little guy’s face, feel the tug of his little hands on my pant legs, am welcomed by a smile that goes ear to ear when I walk in his house..I realize that all these years of life have led me to that very point. And if I had not chosen the paths I have in life, well I would not have this incredible joy in my life!

I stopped by Jeff and Amanda’s tonight on my way home, and as soon as I opened the door, Brandon’s eyes lit up and this big old grin on his face. I am GRANDMA. Wow, I am GRANDMA. It seems so surreal. Mark missed tonight, cuz he was home and it is another 15 miles north to have gone home to get Mark to return there for a brief visit. Had Mark shared the moment, Mark would have the same feelings I did. This child is able to make the heart feel warm, make stress disappear, make frowns turn to smiles. He loves his grandpa , and his grandpa loves him.And Jeff and Amanda were there , we sat, we chatted, it was a give and take conversation, laughter, and the true feeling of love. 

When I have gone through times in my life I wonder “Is this it? Is this why I was created for this moment, for this person?” But life continues to go on, I have not yet succeeded to do whatever the ultimate reason for my existence, because more wonderful things happen all the time. And I again wonder , is this why?

I am fascinated by the circle of life. We look at life and it is a big  circle. Around and around, different characters, different situations but the core of each situation is the interactions we have with others , with instances.

People are born, we grow up in spite of our parents, and we become adults , to create more children who grow up in spite their parents.

We want to do good, this makes us feel good. We want to be liked, this makes us like ourselves. We want to feel worth, the worth makes us feel proud. We live, we die, and more people live to die.

Life, it is so very precious. Life, it is too short. Life, it is not always fair.100_4469 But when there is a moment in life when life is really okay, yeah all the crap of life continues, but for a brief moment- the crap disappears and there are people you are around that melt your heart- well that is what life is about! I would feel this when Jeff’s little arms so long ago would hug my neck and tell me he loved me. I feel this when I see that Jeff and Amanda have started a wonderful life. And I am sure this is the same thing that Mark feels when he sees his little girl all grown, and in a good strong marriage with a little girl who beat so many odds, and who also melts hearts and creates smiles.

So as I lay my head down to rest away the nighttime peacefulness, I will thanks God for my family once again. And for this precious little boy who took all of the stuff today and made it disappear. Sleep tight oh little one, be safe Jeff and rest comfortably Amanda. Love to all, Mrs Justa .. grandama