The wind is blowing, dusty snow is flying, and it was a blustery day. Yes, it was cold. We had the client Christmas Party this evening , so I did not venture out until 7:55 tonight.

So we just had dinner at 8:30. I made taco salad. Yummmm. I think that is one of my favorite meals. When Mark used to be gone from Sunday or Monday thru Saturdays, I would make up a batch of it and have it during the week. I think I could have it every night ! That and kielbasa, mashed potato and sauerkraut. Alternate them, I am a happy camper.

Isn’t it funny how things in life seem to tug and pull, like in this photo. It looks to me like a koala bear ( on the left) is being tugged by a bird, like he has the bears paw in its bill and is tugging on his leg.

I think part of it is how busy Christmas time is. The gift buying, the cookie exchange at work, wrapping gifts, sending out cards, wanting everything to be just perfect, and then knowing nothing is perfect. Trying to balance the day to day with the stuff that is extra.

I am thinking about how tugged at Jeff and Amanda must be feeling with Brandon now sick with pneumonia. He had the swine flu weeks and weeks ago, but it has kicked him in the butt. Ear infections, bronchitis, now he is teething (4 teeth !) and dealing with pneumonia. He is so young, and trying to give him the nebulizer treatments is really hard. He is afraid of the mask, so they try with the mouth piece, he will do it a little but does not understand it. The tugging between him understanding and trying to be compliant.

Tugging pulling, challenging.

I watched people today as I hustled through a store at lunch time. People with lists, people standing at the card display wanting to find the perfect cards. Some studying them like it was notes for a final exam. It was neat to see that, because when we get a card, I think sometimes we forget that often someone spent a lot of time before they picked that card out for us. There were people looking at novelty things, stuff to buy that someone that you are not sure what to get them. This made me think about how darned commercialized Christmas has become.

Then around the corner was a Christmas Tree vendor, and I saw it.  “X-Mas trees for sale” and I felt that tugging again… I wanted to go and write on their sign “ Let’s put the Christ back in X Mas”  .

Yes the tug and the pulls, from right and wrong, from real to pretend, from spend to save, from truth and lies, tugs and pulls… just like my icy friends in this photo.  Have a warm evening and healthy day. Love to all, Cindy… alias Mrs justa