The sun has set and many many children are anxious about Christmas morning, many are trying to sleep so Santa will come and bring them something special

Santa, the magic we have added to Christmas. Santa, a stranger but someone they are to accept, to know, someone they know loves them no matter what.

Santa- bringing smiles to children old and young. Santa who knows us throughout the year.

I remember when Jeff was 4 he was very upset because we lived in an apartment, and no fireplace, and you needed a key to get in the main door. “How can Santa come here?” He asked me. and I assured him that Santa comes everywhere. He faithfully left carrots for the reindeers and cookies and milk for Ol Saint Nick.

I love the magic of Christmas.

I hope that there is something special for each of you, even though the Christmas days change in their activities as years go by, but that does not mean it can not be special.

Mark and I are together this Christmas, No one else will be over, we will sleep in, and try out our new single serving coffee maker that we bought for each other but have not used yet- nope not till Christmas. And I will put together my new office chair that has been sitting in a box looking at me for 3 weeks.

Yes it is different, but not bad. Just a change. Brandon will be with his parents opening gifts at home, where he should be. Christmas is not for tug of war between homes, no it should be shared with the parents and children, and intimate time for their own families.

We will go over on the 26th with their gifts, that way they will not have to bring stuff there afterwards. We will have roast beef tomorrow, with yorkshire pudding and veggies, we will enjoy the day.

it is nice to age really. It is nice to  know our kids have families of their own , and to not feel pulled or tugged in directions by our demands. I have had friends who really hated the holidays because they felt committed to follow their parents demands, even though they just wanted to stay home and do their own thing. I swore I would never be that way with Jeff or with Adrianne.

It is nice to know we aren’t waiting for our kids to finally go to sleep so we can bring out their gifts from hiding places, ( that was a nice time… but so is this)

Merry Christmas to all, I hope you find some time to be special, and take a moment and remember the real meaning of Christmas. Peace, Cindy … mrs justa.