Life is funny, it is not just humans who have to tolerate things,


animals do too. This is a photo of Milo and Squeaky. Milo had been our cat for a few years before Squeaky came into the mix. And it took a few days before they were able to be in the same place at the same time.

Squeaky would harass Milo, wanting him to run, batting at him when he tried to eat his meals, beating up on him whenever he walked past her.

One day I went looking for the 2 of them, making sure Squeaky was not caught somewhere and this was what I found. This picture comes to mind often as I think of tolerating and accepting things. I think finally Milo came to realize this little girl cat was his sister and not going anywhere soon. It was neat to see that switch.

What things have come across in your life when you finally just stop fighting the newness and face the fact that this is how it is?

A few years later we added another addition to our family. His name was Chip And we got him for a birthday gift for Jeff. Mark had said for years that if “we” ( Jeff and I) ever wanted to get him to leave then get a dog. So Jeff was kinda surprised on his birthday to get a dog, because immediately he wondered if that was our way of telling him Mark was leaving.

Mark did not leave, it was Mark’s Idea to get the dog, and I immediately agreed because I had grown up with dogs, so once Mark mentioned getting Jeff a dog, it did not take me long to get to the pet store !! Poor little Chip was harassed by the cats, so for a while we separated him from them as he became accustomed to the new ,living environment. Scan0005Chip would cry if we put him in the breakfast nook area, because he wanted to be with people and with the cats. At night we had him closed in the kitchen breakfast area. One day he was remarkably quiet, and I thought (AHHH I think he understands it is just for a little while) but when I came around the corner to find this  sight. Jeff asleep on the floor next to chip in his bed.

It was not long before Chip had the run of the house, but once again this showed me how we adjust to situations in life.

What things have you adjusted to? What things have you not accepted?
And if there are things out there that have changed, look at them differently. and try to accept them. The world is forever changing, spinning and changing. And we—well we have to change with it. Love to All, Mrs Justa… Alias Cindy