Too quickly the days go by. Have you noticed that? We were just weeding the garden and mowing the grass, and now poof, big white snow flakes, the kind that land on my eye lashes and melt. The kind that reflect in the headlights and make it like a kaleidoscope through the windshield.

In only 14 days the days start to have a little more light . In just 18 days Christmas will be here. In just 24 days 2009 will be through.

What did you accomplish this year, the year of 2009?

What did you say you were going to get done or achieve?

Did you do it?

Do I feel sighs from some of you out there?? Or is it maybe my sighs.

I was going to be drop dead model beautiful,,,, and again a year has past and that did not happen.

I wanted the credit cards paid off, we have done that. I hoped for a deck or two, but next year maybe we will achieve that.

I wanted to live through the year to watch the grandchildren grow, that has happened. To treasure each day and thirst for the next day.

I hoped to succeed in the management role that I had been asked to fill, I am trying my best at that.

I have wanted to be supportive for my family and friends. To be a good wife, mom, grandmother, Aunt and friend.

I think I have achieved that.

To become more active at the gym… well maybe a couple times a week I go, and then I walk at work. So I am partially there.

I want to write a book.. Not there yet… But there is always tomorrow… how about you? Love to all, Mrs justa

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