Lazy day, lousy day, but tomorrow will be better I hope ! Just kinda feeling 100_2625_edited icky today. Sinus infection gone to bronchitis , some wheezing , less coughing today then yesterday but not gone enough for me. A warm blanket, cup of tea and somewhere comfortable to place my weary body was what I needed today. I imagine similar to how “I-man” musta been feeling in this sun filled window sill.

I had gone to the gym 2 weekends ago… , and it was embarrassing, the longer I went on the treadmill the more I coughed. People were looking at me like typhoid Annie. So this past week and past weekend I did not subject myself  ( or them) to the same thing. By last Weds I hoped to be better, but the cough did not go away, seemed to get worse after the antibiotics were thru, so I had to go back.

I tried to fight off the stuff with NiteQuil, DayQuil and fluids , but after 5 more days I went back to the docs. Kinda sucks, I could not go back into work again today and serenade everyone with my  cough/wheeze symphony plus I was kinda whipped. I have faithfully taken my meds and think tomorrow will be a better day.

Life can be crazy, one second everything seems peachy and the next second everything seems to be like a rotten peach . I am thankful it is only bronchitis and not pneumonia, I was concerned because the 2 nights prior to going to the docs I was waking up A LOT during the night. Sometimes cuz I thought Mark was talking to me, he wasn’t… it was the different tones of the wheezes- they sounded like someone speaking to someone in different tones. Kinda freaky, my left lobe chatting with my right lobe. It is a little better, but a couple times they got chatty as I vegged today.

My heart goes out to those who are suffering with much worse then this. Cancers, severe diabetes, asthma, cardiac or neurological problems, mental health issues, blood disorders, bone disease( the list goes on and on ) … hmm I am feeling a little better already!

Tomorrow is Thursday, cold and really blowing winds are being projected, but it is just 2 more days till the weekend. The plan is for Sunday to head out to see Josh, Adrianne and Mackenzie. I am really hoping this thing is a memory by than:) Hope this finds you in great health!. Love to all, Mrs justa….. Cindy