Another wow moment in the sermon today. Pastor Carl has a way to do that !

It is a moment when something hits me in the face, when something takes life and puts things in a perspective that kinda takes things and turns them around, so I am looking at something from a different direction.

Today’s moment was during this awesome sermon. He told a story of 2 best friends who were walking across the desert. For some reason one got annoyed with the other and punched him  hard in the face. They kept walking together and the one who was punched took a stick and wrote in the sand “ My best friend punched me in the face today.”

They walked on together and as day was turning to night they were very thirsty and they came upon an Oasis. Approaching it, the man who had been punched stepped in quick sand, and his friend pulled him out, saving his life. A little later this man who had been punched then saved etched deeply in a stone-“ My best friend saved my life today.”

The friend who had hit the other asked.. “Why did you write in the sand that I punched you in the face, and why did you etch in stone that I saved your life.”
The man answered because the winds of forgiveness will blow away the bad part, but the whole world can see the good things that were done.

Then he asked each of us to think about what we have etched in the stone, or written in sand in our pathway of life.

Well I have to admit, I have etched some pretty ugly times in some pretty massive stones for all to see. And by doing that, I have kept them fresh and powerful, always there to throw a self pity party for me, to add salt to wounds,  always there like tarnished armor.

I have some pretty big rocks to break up and some stones to etch- like this one… like sharing this thought that seemed to be such an intense lesson in life. Today this blog is a stone in my life…

How about you ? Do you show the world the wrongs that have been done and do you let the winds of time erase the good?

Do you have times when you were really hurt or offended and you can remember every single second of that time as if it just happened? Can you feel the pain so intensely that the reliving of the moment still makes you cry? If so… I think it may have been written on the wrong surface- and etched too deeply.

Thanks Pastor Carl, this really opened my eyes to the etchings of my own life.

May you all find some peace in your life !. Love mrs justa…