There is a Swedish Proverb that says ” worry often gives something small a big shadow.” How very true that is. I can worry about things that I can not change, and the worry can consume me. imageI used to worry terribly, now it is not so bad. 

Worrying can become paralyzing to some people.  I worked with a person that worried about going over a bridge. When at all possible she would take miles extra of road way to avoid bridges, and when a bridge was inevitable she would shake in the seat , sickened in terror.

I can recall times in my past, when I had such fear of life itself, where I would worry about someone breaking into the house, I would stare at a door a door knob, swearing it was moving. Or when I was so paranoid of snow I literally sat on the floor of a passenger seat trembling if there was the slightest sign of a snow flake.

Fear and worry can be such , that it keeps people from living or loving. I had to stretch deep inside, and pull myself inside out, to conquer all the worry I had in the late 70s. There are still things that I might worry about, but the snow is not one of them, it is a fact of life, a worry I conquered. I can not say the same for the dark, I still have a fear of the dark.

I can remember hearing talk shows that only dealt with doom and gloom, and I would be consumed with the world coming to an end. Or as a child in my elementary years, worrying that my mom or dad would die. image

Now I love shadows, I look for reflections and images in life. I try to find challenges in the things I used to fear. I found within that I was a strong person, and not the frail weak being I thought myself to be.

Finding comfort in the things that once were frightening, finding reason in the things that were once non explainable, looking for the positive in every situation, all this has helped me to be a better me, a better mentor. I hope the shadows do not consume you, as they did me for years of my past. Love, CIndy