Today I am going to do a blog in memory, and in respect of my grandmother.

Mark and I spent a little time with Brandon tonight, and as we were there, I was reminded of my grandmother. 

This is a photo from March 1954. I am about 6 months old and on her lap. My sister Pam is in the foreground, we are in grandma’s bedroom. My grandmother was 100% blind, yet notice in the right of the photo is a sewing machine.Grandma, Pam and me She would sew things on this, it was powered manually, it had a treadle. She would place her feet on the treadle and rock her feet back and forth, the needle would go up and down. She made aprons, napkins, even a quilt out of rags once. Yet she could not see, she did it by touch. And they were perfect !

I can remember sitting in her room and she would listen to the radio, ( it is behind her in this photo). There were stories told on the radio, and we would sit by it, much like people sit at a TV now. Just being by her was all I wanted.

At a very young age I learned that we always had to keep things where they belonged, we could not put a toy out in the path of where she would walk, chairs had to stay in the same place.

Grandma would sit in a chair and hold me on her lap and read to me, just by knowing the title  of a book. I would turn the pages to what she was saying. I did not know she did not have the words correct, it did not matter.

She was a woman of strength, she never gave up, even though she was disabled, she was challenged by it, she proved that it would not get her down. I am awed by this woman, who had adversities for a lot of her life. She became pregnant, in the 1920’s, out of wedlock, and raised a daughter in a world where people scorned her for this. She lost her sight due to an operation that went bad, she never gave up though. I remember vividly being next to her , I was 4 then, and she was sewing. All of the sudden she mumbled that the pin was heavy,she couldn’t pick it up,  and told me to get my mom. I ran and got mom, and the next thing I remember is looking down from our 2nd floor apartment , as an ambulance took her away. I never saw her again, did not understand what happened, mom told me she was sleeping. Only years later did I find out that she had had a stroke. She never gave up, till her body gave up on her.

So tonight, this is for you grandma, you are so special to me.

I hope 55 years from now, when Brandon is triggered by something that brings me to mind, that he will have special memories of me, as I do of her. With love to you, grandma, and to all, Mrs Justa