I took this photo because to me this person is one who makes a statement. Obviously for reasons that are disabling, this man has to rely on a scooter to get around. Yet he takes his disability and makes the best of it. 100_1763

It was a sunny breezy day, mid 70s, and we were on top of the hill looking at the sites and enjoying the lake with Indi.

This man made me appreciate my legs, my ability to walk to the top of the hill. But more then that it also was a statement, an inspiration,  that when life gives us lemons we need to make lemonade. Someone said once that God does not give us challenges we are unable to handle. I have to remind myself of that.

I have run across people in the hospital that are unable to walk, so they just sit, demand people wait on them and whatever muscles they have are lessened in strength. This man sits, I did not see him walk, he may be able to only walk a little distance, but he found a way to get out of his home and enjoy the beauty of the day.

To him I salute him, to me, I am not going to get hung up on what I can not do, but what I can do. Love, Mrs Justa