This photo was on goggle images, titled preparation for a colonoscopy. I found it humorous a few weeks ago when Mark had to prepare for his, but today is the day of preparation for me, and well , I am not finding it so funny.

I guess we all have to go through it once we turn the magic age of 50, but my mom had a theory that she did not want to know anything, so she avoided all diagnostic tests whenever possible.

Her thought was if there is something wrong with me, let it take its course. image

There is some reason to that thinking, and especially when the test is 24 hrs away. So today I am home, sipping on clear liquid, taking some ducolax and then drinking 64 oz of miraliax and Gatorade. Yep, looking forward to it, I am getting the posting out of the way now so that I am free to do other things later. Maybe I will get a good book read in the time of solitude I plan to be having.

I won’t go back into my rhetorical pondering of what possesses a person to specialize in GI, but I can assure you the thoughts are running through my brain.

So for all you under 50 folks, take heed, my today will be in your tomorrows. And for those who have done this, you know what today is going to be like. Take care to all, Cindy