In this world that is going so fast and furious, we are not really taking time to see all. At least in the world I am exposed to, people are rushing, seeing things and people but not taking time to see them through the eyes of their heart, of their soul.People are doing things out of anger, frustration, desperation.

This world seems to be in a whirlwind, tragedy, turmoil, hustle and bustle. It seems as though there is less stopping and seeing what we can do without and instead reaching for what we want.

The financial crisis is haunting me, what is the right thing to do, save, 401K, retirement, or hide it in a mattress.

The auto makers are screaming bankruptcy, and there is the mother who for whatever reason supposedly murdered her precious child, the talking heads complaining about everything, the governors who are corrupt, the public figures who take advantage of their availability to things others can not get.

I like living in the country, because in the ride from the hustle of the city to the calmness of the country, I can put some of this insanity behind me, leave it in the urban area. I can turn off the news, turn off the TV, and put on some vinyl 33 RPMs , or belt out some karaoke songs in the privacy of my own home.

Where I work, it changes its personality as the evening hours start to come into sight. There is a plaza not far away from work that during the day is bustling, but come 7PM the stores start to close down, it is not safe to walk around in places that are okay at 7 in the morning. But in the country, well we are pretty isolated , sure stuff happens in the country too, but the atmosphere is different for me. I feel safer.

We need to stop all this chaos, we need to slow down, we need to stop wanting things we can not afford, we need to remember to appreciate the people in our lives, the beauty that is there in the world that we pass by in our hurry to no where.

There is a country song that has a lyric that there is not luggage rack on a Hurst. What is important in life is what footprint we leave behind, what people we helped, what legacy we left, not how much we had in our bank accounts, or how much overtime we can get in, or how much square footage our homes are, or what kinds of furniture we own. No it is the stuff we can not buy, no need for storage,  it is what we give of ourselves , that is what is important. Peace to all in the valley and pathways or your life journey this weekend. Love, Cindy