Well, I made it through the dreaded colonoscopy. My favorite room in the house yesterday is shown today in honor of it’s support for my situation. It stood my in think and thin, and helped me make it through the 12 hrs of torture.


My recommendation to anyone doing this is DO NOT MIX 1/2 a bottle 255 gr of powdered miralax with light grape gatorade.

Drinking it in 8oz increments every 15 minutes was tough enough, but it did not want to get through my digestive system, and well it came back out the way it went in.

But the long and the short of it is I made it, and the test was nothing!. They put in an IV, and told me they were adding some dilaudid, warned me I was about to get “loopy” and the next thing I knew I was in another room being told I could go to the bathroom and get dressed.

So I am the epitome of large intestine health, and do not have to go through this again until 2013.

Now the very unearthing, very disturbing thing about this all was the feeling of loss when I am being put on a clear liquid diet for a day. In the morning I felt like I would never make it, it was not fair to make a person do a clear liquid diet, I was feeling cheated. This disappointed me and opened my eyes to my attachment to food. I was shocked at how I was internalizing this restriction on consumption. I am not one who pigs out on stuff, but I definitely had some subconscious things going on with the clear liquid diet.

So I am going to really look into this, counsel myself, and go back on a very restricted menu plan to make sure I am balancing out the proteins, veggies, starches, dairy, fruits and fats. AS something is out of whack for me to have almost felt a withdrawal. Yes, I was disappointed in myself, and awakened. Love to all, Cindy