Moms and dads of the world, we sometimes fall short on the realization that our kids want to be with us. We get too focused on how busy we are.

What we do as our kids are little will last for a life time.

Jeff peaking at his dad in the basementThis is a picture of Jeff, it was taken just before Christmas in 1983. He was a year and 9 months old. We lived with his dad( Walt)  then and we had a 3 level home. The lowest level was the basement, and his dad had about 2/3rds of the basement as a work area. He had saws of all kinda, a lathe, a grinder, some tools the planed, it was a fully stocked wood shop fix it area. When we got married, I remember he said the shop was his, the rest was mine, and he really meant that.

He tended to spend a good portion of our lives together in the basement.

Before Jeff was born and after Jeff was a part of our family. Most of the time it was me and Jeff  mainly in the middle area. Jeff in turn would spend countless hours watching his dad from an opening in the floor, which is what this photo was of.

Jeff had a variety of stuffed animals and toys,

even had some plastic ice cube trays in his stash of items he would play with, and he would play for a bit, and then take whatever treasure he had, and go to the space in the floor to watch his dad. I would watch Jeff, and my heart would smile at his patience, and weep for what his dad was missing.

Ya know, I do not think his dad ever took the time

to realize how much his son idolized him. I still do not think he realizes how much his grown son is like him, but there is one huge difference. Jeff takes time with his son, he has his hands in parenting , bath time is Brandon and dad time. Jeff helps Amanda with meal time, helps her with house work. So through the watching dad from afar, I think Jeff learned he wanted his son to feel his arms, not see them through a space in the floor. And he wants his wife to know he loves her and their child. They are both great parents, and Brandon will know their love. 

We need to all take time to hug

our kids, our grand kids,our spouses or significant others. Talk to your loved ones, spend time with them . For life is short, and one moment they are here, the next they may not be. I truly believe that our kids, our loved ones, our life are gifts from God. We are entrusted with and we are asked to cherish these gifts, and not guaranteed for how long we will have with the gifts. Kids grow up too quickly. Some may move away. Life is sometimes shortened by sickness or tragedy. Do not loose a chance to make a memory, to make an impression.

Love to all, Mrs Justa/ Cindy