100_2027_edited Did you ever have the ability to have a vision on how you can improve something in life.  Not to get wrapped up in the now , but see the tomorrow.

I use this photo as an example of a vision that is coming to be. But this does not have to be a room, it can be anything.

This is the spare room in the house that Jeff and Amanda bought that they are redoing the inside. They had a vision, they saw beyond the disrepair that others may have felt they saw. 100_2047

After smoothing and treating the wall and painting them it looks totally different. It makes it look like a room one would want to live in.

Life is like that. We see things sometimes for what they appear to be on the surface. We do not take the time , nor put in the energy to have a vision of what could be.

There are people we go by who we may feel unsure about, who may be not dressed as we think they should, and we have no vision of who the person can be.

Some of the nicest people I have met in my life, were also those that had to deal with a disadvantage, a disability, or a very difficult time.

Things are not appreciated unless we work for them, I truly believe that. 100_2031 The things in life that are handed to us, seem to be the things that we feel less devotion to.100_2038 We need to not so quickly make rash decisions, and be able to take the time to see in the future, to get to know that person that you can easily walk right by, to share your beliefs, to listen to others, to respect that each of us are made up differently, and like this room, something that seems unable to find a positive side to, may have more positive then you could ever imagine.

Patience, vision, belief, nonjudgmental , optimistic life paths are the ones that lead to content. May you have a wonderful future, Love, Cindy