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Tuesday I took the day off to help out Jeff on his and Amanda’s new home. Jeff set me free in 3 rooms and I painted throughout the day. It was nice to be able to take time off to help him. 100_2036I have wanted to do something to help them, and this proved to be something I could do without any problems.


this was the finished product.

A feel good day 🙂

Mark has been helping Jeff and Amanda with their dog each day. Badger remains on the steroids and needs to go out often. So Mark goes over there for 6 hrs a day and is able to rest his leg and get up to let the dog out as needed.

I would like to go over and help some more, but I do not know how that will play out in the net couple of days. But we will see.

It always feels good when we can help someone out, and this was definitely a feel good day.

I am a tad tired tonight, we had the company party for the clients at work. Me and my partner in managing the department were watching the areas to make sure the guests were okay, and that they did not get lost in any restricted areas. 100_2056_edited

So I am pooped. That too was fun.  They had a horse drawn carriage ride for guests to go around the village we are in. It was a cool night with the caterer offering hot cider or hot chocolate for those venturing out on the quaint ride. A nice week. Love to all, Mrs Justa