Harriet Stowe once wrote ” The bitterest tears shed over graves and for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.” Whoa! Is that not a face slapper? Have you ever had someone die and you never told them something you wanted to? Or have someone die and the last time you spoke it was in anger?

I have, I will again, and it is so true. 100_0837I am brought back to my parents and my sister. All whom there were words unsaid, thoughts not shared, gestures not done. And it is true, the hurt I have will never go away. There is my dad first. He used to call me princess. I was only 10 at the time, and he was so dear to me.I cherished him, but I do not think he knew that.

I never got a chance to grow up with him, for him to meet my husband, to meet my son, so guide me in lifes paths, oh I have chosen some pathways in my life that I am sure I would not have gone on, had he been alive.

Then my mom. She died 9 years ago. She was overseas on a trip in Germany. She had been gone for a week and was going to be returning home in 2 days. But she never came back. I never got to share some things with her that I wanted to. I always expected her to be there. She was my friend, my critic, my guidance, my inspiration. I am found wondering if she ever knew that?

And my sister, she was 1 1/2 years older then me. She was a troubled soul. A tough life, and a lonely life. I wanted to know her better. She kept things from me as if to protect me from her pain. I feel bad for the way she died, she was alone in her apartment and from what we have found out, she had not been feeling well , and had gone to her sink in her bathroom for a drink of water. When her body was found the water was still running, and she had been dead for 4 days, lying in front of her sink. I am troubled by never telling her all my thoughts, never traveling to Ohio to visit, never really being a good sister.

So Harriet, wherever you are ,I agree, I am sure there are others who have the same tears shed over graves, like you and like I do. My advise is that we need to not put off spending time with people we care about, calling them , talking to them, giving , before it is too late. Love, Mrs Justa