June 2011 house, garden, sunset 016Going back to work after 5 wonderful days off is kinda hard to change gears for. Oh do not get me wrong, I really love my job, but sometimes there are things about my job that can be mind draining.

We did have a new nurse start today, she must have thanked me 5 times for hiring her. That felt great, as she really really appreciated the opportunity to try a different kind of nursing. She left smiling as real as she was smiling this morning, and even said she would be back in the morning. So that is great she was not terribly overwhelmed with the business of our every day lives at work.

Even though poor Indi was sick all weekend, it was comforting to see each day be a little less filled with wincing in pain and watching him find interest in things like tennis balls, big black birds and squirrels.

I believe he is almost back to normal. Thank God. Many many prayers came flooding the air waves for him, and we thank everyone.

At about 2PM this afternoon I finally was able to look at things that needed to be done today and I will need to hit the highway early tomorrow to catch up on two things that are needed to be done.

I am glad to be back… but glad also that tomorrow is already Thursday Smile , Friday is jeans day ( my favorite day of the week Smile Smile) and than the weekend will be here.

I do solo a special song on Sunday, so I need to be working on it for the next few evenings. I think I am going to do “Jesus Take The Wheel.” I really like that song. It talks about a woman who obviously had made some choices in her life that perhaps were not the wisest, and she has been trying to live her life without religion, without faith. She is overwhelmed with the trials of where she is at, and goes into a skid in the middle of the night, and for a brief moment thought she and her baby might be injured in a crash.

As she was spinning.. her life and her babies life flashed before her eyes and she lifts her hands and asks Jesus to take the wheel-Marks new car7-5-11 005 not of her car—but of her life. Often in church there are testimonials from people who tried to drive their life and left religion on the shoulder of the road. Lost God somewhere no the way. Something happened, something changed their focus, and they let Jesus take the wheel, or they let God into their lives …

This song means a lot to me.. I hope the people in church find it meaningful to them too.

So I am off, bedtime…. and than off to work, to the gym, and practice tomorrow night. Love to all… Mrs Justa alias Cindy