A Happy Weekend , july 2011  mackenzie 2 yr old party [pictures around home 012with a Happy 2nd Birthday party for Mackenzie.

She has come a long way in her 2 short years of life and she is so full of energy that it is unbelievable to think she was born a 2 pound little girl . She spends a lot of energy from the time she opens her eyes in the morning until nap time. Adrianne being pregnant, she must get exhausted at times. It is a good exhaustion though… for Mackenzie appears to be very healthy.

We went out to Rochester for the party, Jeff and Amanda and the 2 boys drove in their van- we had a little convoy. Walkie talkies and laughter along the way.

It was a perfect weather day, Mackenzie was enjoying the sun and the sprinkler and the small pool. She seemed to enjoy her yard, the water and to variety of things to do.

Brandon found a lawn mower july 2011  mackenzie 2 yr old party [pictures around home 009that blows bubbles out of the chute, so he was busy mowing the yard here and there…he was having a great time between the mower, the swing set , the sprinkler with Mackenzie and the pool….



july 2011  mackenzie 2 yr old party [pictures around home 003

and little Preston was day one after having a precancerous lesion removed from the back of his head, so we had to be careful he did not fall backwards, or get water in it.

He was able to have the pain masked with some Tylenol and codeine that the surgeon had prescribed. As I watched him, I was impressed at the resilience of a child. Heck if an adult had just had scalp surgery, with 13 stiches from the top of the head to the nape of the neck… well I think they would have been home moping… but not this little trooper… he was going strong.

When we got home, it was: we were busy…. getting groceries,  mowing the yard, weeding the garden, weeding the flower area in front, planting some annuals along the front of the house, and we went to B-Ville to take some sunset pictures… ended up and Shawn and Pat’s , on their front porch…. drinking some coffee…and being Hors d’œuvres for the mosquito family. Man I was miserable…. they were chomping on my legs, face, arms, scalp…. I was trying to be polite, but I was squirming and really getting annoyed with the vampires. Lessons  numero uno… Citronella candles do not scare away mosquitos…in fact… I think they like the citronella.  Can someone tell me what good mosquitos are… please… I need to find a reason to appreciate them !!. Dang they are bad this year….

Today was a church, gym, Delta Sonic, get my roll of 35mm film developed and work around the house day.. and tonight I am pretty worn out . 16600007I got the 35mm camera out because I wanted a hummingbird picture… ta—dah….. I got one…

See my digital has a delay- so when I snap the picture , the camera thinks..and than all I get is a bird feeder..with the bird already gone.

Now I just need to get a lesser speed film to cut out the grain … but I am a happy camper…. I got my picture… I hope your weekend was great… mine was busy and felt like a good weekend. Love to all.. Mrs Justa alias Cindy