Pondering moments we deal with100_6260 every day. I heard not so long ago someone say they were from England. And that in England there is a form of socialized medicine. And if there was a person, lets’ say over 60 who needed a very expensive procedure..they could be denied because they were old and had lived a full life. Now…I do not know if that is true or not..but she was pretty convincing.

I have a person I know who is born and raised in America and has that same outlook. Now maybe when I was 12 I might have thought on the surface that logic made sense..but now that 60 is at my back door ..I am not liking that thought process.

I hope all my parts that are going to break do it in the next little time..so I am maintenance free after 60. Just incase it becomes a society way of thinking.

Now take this thought and turn it towards our 4 legged friend , our pet fish, our pet parakeets and such. When is life okay to stop? We have put a number of pets to sleep—(Now that sounds so much nicer than stating the doctor gave them medicine that stopped their hearts.) Each one for different reasons, in summation their quality of life was no longer what would be anywhere close to their norm. The vet consulted with us on each pet, and supported the decision. One cat was ancient and had a body full of tumors and had lost weight.. ( from being a 20lb cat to a 7lb cat –and most of that weight was the growths on his body)>..another had cancer of the spine and was paralyzed in her lower quarter of her spine… a parakeet with a liver disease…. many fish just died… an old dog who totally lost all bladder control, another that had an aggressive streak in him and nipped at a few people and incidents proved to us that he would not be safe around other people. He would have had to been locked in a cage anytime people were over..what kind of life would that have been.

100_6271_editedNow we have a dilemma with Indi. He had had grand mal seizures in the past, and most recently this past day- he had 3 in 24 hrs. He is on meds..but one of the meds we had to stop because it can cause irritation with the pancreas in RARE occasions…and he just had a bout of pancreatitis which he got REALLY sick with.

So in 3 weeks we have an appnt at Cornell University pet neuro dept, they are going to examine Indi and give us some ideas for treatment. And as I think about this, I want to be sure everything that is being done will be for a better quality of life, and not because he is a good case to research but the end product will be a fatal seizure. We are not the Bank of America, and the cost will be tough to handle if they start with MRIS and such. So we need to know what we can afford, what is in our budget, and what would be too financially strapping that we would not be able to comply.

When our journey with Indi comes to an end… I am never.. I MEAN NEVER going to get another dog. These times when we had to end a life of a pet..and now watching a pet suffer thru seizures… it just rips my heart out. Too painful.. too too painful. So hopefully LONG LIVE INDY… I am off now, finishing laundry getting ready for the weekend early . love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy