The fourth of July.. There is a faint sound of bing-bang-booms in the far distance. People from all around are celebrating the freedom that we, the People of this incredible nation have.

When I watch news clips of places around the world, I am often feeling very blessed I was born here. We could all be in the countries filled with hate… but the sad thing is that there is more and more hate within our boundaries in the US>

There have been events that have happened over the past few weeks, months and years that seem mind boggling to me. Starvation, poverty, unemployment, road rage, hatred, cruelty. We are not allowed to speak of God in schools, can not place the ten commandments out in public—it might offend people, leaving “In God We Trust” out of the “Pledge of Allegiance” …off of money….  so many people thinking they can do it ( what ever “it” is..) alone .. without trust or faith…..

To refocus on the wonders of life, on the blessings in our lives… I have to take off the 3D glasses of life and look closely at those who mean so much to me….

July 4th 2011 - Jeff and Amanda's 018

July 4th 2011 - Jeff and Amanda's 003








camping and fathers day weekend 2011 050

These are 3 precious parts of our lives that take away the ugly of the world, and fill the world with magic, wonder, innocence, and curiosity.

I hope that as they grow up, that we can help them to see the good of the world.

TO see that there are reasons for hope, reasons for goals, reasons to be the best they can be, and to believe in God.

TO know it is okay to stand for what you believe in , and that guns and unkind words and gestures  are not the answer to problems.

To know that they each have special traits, and to polish those special things about them… shine…and share the goodness that lies within them

Yes the 4th of July is winding down…. I hope everyone remembers why it is a day of celebration.. and not just a day for cook outs and hot dogs and fireworks… but to remember what the many who came before us have done to get us to where we are today.

Treasure you special moments, whatever they are… and be safe. Happy Independence Day… Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy