Well it seems like it has been forever—but really just about 2 months. We needed to either replace the shed or repair it… so we ended up repairing it. About 2 months ago Mark got in touch with a door place and ordered an overhead type door to replace these doors, which were trashed when “Mr Wonderful” moved the shed  from our old place to here 3 1/2 yrs ago.

We have nursed these doors since than, thank God for my brother and his father-in-law- who came over after “Mr Wonderful” literally ripped the doors off it when he was unloading it from his truck.

I kindly refer to him as Mr Wonderful… because he basically told me he was MR WONDERFUL in no uncertain terms. shed doors torn off 001When he came to move the shed he told me “ This is your lucky day, you met me today… and I will get this shed moved for you..” He neglected to add that he might move it..but he was going to leave in a hurry—sliding the shed off with no concern of the end result.

Well he was the most arrogant , in love with himself.. jerk I have ever met…. I bet his mirrors have lip prints on them from when he kisses himself good morning and good night.

Anyhow    Mark had ordered the door to go with the shutters on our house. So we re-painted the shed to be on the same color scheme as our house, and for about 4 weeks we had the shed painted but the doors were still gray and white. Marks new car7-5-11 006…I am sure that made people wonder if we ran out of paint…. LOL

Finally … we got the over head door this past week, the guy who installed it did take away our old beat up doors, and installed the new one set in about 5 inches- so we were faced with an really unfinished frame look on the outside of the shed.  We had gone to Home Dept and Lowes looking for ideas,….  and than we mentioned something to Jeff too. He has tools and more carpentry talent than Mark and I do… plus he had offered if we ever did get a door he would help up finish up the area…

So Jeff came over Saturday and helped frame around the opening for the door. He brought his saws and ingenuity- and he and Mark got the new wood all up. Than tonight was final work—painting the new wood frame, and caulking some and we ended up using a porch paint on the floor of the shed that is now exposed to the weather.

and VOILA>>>>
Here is our 18 year old shed…

sunset and finished shed 001

We are pretty proud of this !!

THANKS to Jeff for helping with the framing… and thanks for no rain… and thank God for the health and determination so we were able to finish it this weekend.

Ta Dah….

It feels really good to have it done…Hope you had a great weekend… Love,,, Mrs Justa alias Cindy