As I was thinking about things in life, which I tend to do often, I was thinking about how much many of us think a lot about what to do and how to do it.

sunset and finished shed 017An example this evening was we were talking at Jeff’s about many angles of life.So in my trails of thinking came potty training… yes potty training….  This evening this was brought about by taking Brandon in for hopefully a successful journey down the road to being potty trained. Thinking about my mom as we were in the bathroom…. My mom was a believer that the kids needed to take their mind off what they were there to do. So she would bring in books to read with us. She patiently would read a part of the book and than remind us in her ever soothing voice why we were sitting on the potty chair. It is funny, I remember for years following, that to go into the bathroom to perform the needed task, I read the inside of shampoo labels, a label off soap, a magazine that may have been read over and over again, I have to do something to relax my mind, and poof… the task is completed almost effortlessly…

Than I was going over the discussion on how we each think the direction the  country is going in , the financial pitfall that is being projected, how main stream media tells us what they want to tell us, and how we do not get a real picture. I do not for the life of me, understand how some of the people in the legislature, the senate and even the president..can accept money for arguing with one another, for trying to gain political standing.. and forget they are in their rather well paying positions because the majority of people who voted.. voted for them . I think when they are arguing their pay should be held…. no pay unless you are thinking… planning….  I can not believe any of them run their personal finances as they are running the government. And the government needs to get their fingers out of our wallets, and look at the whole picture. IF there are close to 50 % of the people not paying taxes….maybe there should be ways to change that… If there are big corporations who have so many loop holes, that they do not pay taxes… maybe we need to look at that. Heck, if someone would just give the president a tour of the White House and tell him this is where he lives… I think the country would save a lot in travel costs and security.

In one article it stated “Air Force One cost $214,768 and the cargo plane cost $32,140. For a grand total of $246,908 for Mr. Obama’s two round trips to Chicago.”It has got to be that this guy does not know yet that his office is in Washington DC… so the way I figure it.. if on their morning100_6820 break the legislatures and senators could work together… maybe put paper feet prints on the floor guiding him through the place… he might like it and stay put. He could actually speak to the public from the White House… Thinking thinking thinking….. that is what many of us do….

We were talking about all the thinking about what car to buy , what amount do we need to invest now so we can maybe survive for a few years in the future retirement days of our lives, what will become of the government if this spending does not stop, thinking about those who have been totally 100_6264devastated by the loss of jobs in the US, about how we as a country have let our pride in “ American made”  things be bought out by greed. We choose to import cheaply made products, sell them with an incredible mark up and watch our own neighbor look for work… or totally give up.

Thinking thinking thinking… we need to act… we need to write our elected officials, we need to be a voice. Thinking may work in the bathroom… but actions work in every other room in the house…. Let’s rally around, work together…to make this the country we are proud to live in. Love to all… Mrs Justa alias Cindy