Okay.. so some of you mightTOMOATOS just be wondering how our garden is growing. WE have retied the tomato plants- which are getting pretty heavy with all the tomatoes that are trying to grow.

I pulled one plant totally out of the ground- thinking it had that dang tomato blith again.. but after researching on line, it appears there may need to be calcium added to the soil. Or it could have been cuz it has been so darn hot… So one plant gone… and 8 left…


our first cantaloupe. Isn’t it cute??? Let’s see if it will continue to grow. I am a optimistic person… but growing  things can be kinda of nerve racking…

Man I was out there tonight retying the tomato plants and pulling weeds and supporting the bases of the plants- and I was sweating so much.. I bet I lost 2 pounds in the garden for almost 2 hrs.

Not complaining…justa stating a fact….


Than we have zucchini and summer squash beginning to show…


In the next aisle we have gourmet lettuce and blossoms for egg plant


and than pumpkins and a cucumber


and green peppers are on their way too…. GR PEPPERS NUMBER 2

so all in all- we have somethings coming..AND hopefully we will reap the benefits of nurturing these things since February. If you remember I started many of these from seeds I have dried from last years veggies. So this is a complete recycling program going on here.

I am hoping the pumpkins take time to mature and be ready in the fall… and I am really hoping we grow enough that we can share with family and friends.

We will just have to see. As I was finishing up the garden stuff I was blessed with a golden sunset. SUNSET

It reminded me of how lucky we are to be able to see the sun, to feel life happen, to be healthy enough to play in the garden, to be lucky enough to have a job to go to .. and one I love, to be able to say I have a husband who loves me…and children and grandchildren…. to have family and a few good friends… fresh water, and clean clothes, food in the fridge and a car in the drive… yep..the sunset made me stop, and say Thanks to God for all we are blessed with.

Hope you had a good week. Good weeks can be  good times with some bummer times too… that is life…. but at least we have life…

Love to all… Mrs Justa alias Cindy