June 2011 house, garden, sunset 006

This is our home. Home sweet home. We live in a quiet part of the world, and we have the house to ourselves… WE THOUGHT!!! Until Yesterday when we realized we are possibly sharing it with some squirrely individuals.

We had been watering the garden and doing a few things to go from camping mode to home mode again. Mark was in the backyard and there was a squirrel in the back yard who got scared. So he took off like a bat outta Hell.. but not to the tree line..  no siree… he headed up our foundation and it appeared under the frame of the house into the 3 foot crawl space. UGGGG!

So I did some on line research for what to do if you have squirrels in your crawl space. A common repellant was Cayenne pepper. mixed with various other things. It said even if you wanted squirrels to not eat the bird food- you add cayenne pepper to the bird seeds… the birds are not affected but the squirrels will stay away.

There was a suggestion to put a strobe light in the area they are, and they will leave. ( Guess they do not like to get down and boogie!!). So off we went on a hunt for a strobe light. We ended up at Spencer gifts..after unsuccessful trips to hardware and home improvement stores. Than we needed Murphy’s Oil Soap. It is a natural type soap and when mixed with 2 spoons of the pepper, and a dilution of 4 parts water to 1 part murphys oil soap.. well that sprayed will keep them away. So as soon as we get home, I plug the strobe light in the crawl space. We were laughing as we imagined the squirrels all break dancing to the strobe light in the dark crawl space with strobe lights flashing, but really hoping this worked. They do not like bright lights- so they exit when there are bright flashing lights. Than  I mixed the concoction together and pour it into a spray water bottle… WRONG THING TO DO!!! It was too thick to go through the sprayer.  I kept taking the spray bottle apart, rinsing out compents and trying again,

Now mind you, as I attempt and fail.. I am getting this mixture on me… and IT BURNS!!! How do people eat that pepper??? I feel like I have been under a sunlamp.

Off we went to Wally World and2-6-2011 008 got a lawn and garden multipurpose sprayer. And after a few moments of trying to make it work, I successfully sprayed the under the house lip to keep away those squirrels. Hope it works… See I thought in the Spring the Squirrel was just being cute, looking at the house and letting us take his picture..BUT he was staring at the house and planning his invasion.

SO we will have to keep an eye on these critters.. We definitely do not want them thinking our home is a boarding house. More to follow on this little escapade ! Love to all… Mrs Justa…and the mischievous squirrels.