Life… it is really a mystery in a way. We are here and than we are not. For some it may be only a breath and they are no longer here..for others over 100 years on earth.

My brother did a mind boggling blog one day

on the end.. and finished shed 014

and it has come back through my mind for this past month.

I look at the different scenarios in this world—people here—people gone.

The tragedy of us each being given the freedom of choice—only to make choices that end another’s life.

IN nursing school we worked and trained ion all areas of the hospital. When the training and working was  in peds or NICU- it made it tough to comprehend life and death. My training in Labor and Delivery was for the most part a feel good place to be… oh there were times when people may have not been so pleasant, or peoples lifestyles or lack of respect for life and prenatal care were very hard to comprehend- but in general that was the good side of the circle of life.

NICU could be good—sometimes hard to comprehend—why an infant is born to die moments or weeks later. There must be some good from it… I truly believe we are all on this earth for a purpose—now we may ignore the purpose set forth-and unfortunately other peoples choices may affect our purpose. In NICU I felt it was always special as there people are trained in caring for the tiniest of people. Peds..that rotation was tough for me…as the kids there are not visiting for a play date—they have something that needs acute care. I had a son and step daughter who were both 6 at the time , and it was too hard to separate them from the kids I was caring for. Now though—I think peds or NICU might be a good place to work, if I had to change jobs ever.sunset and finished shed 022

Than there was med surg. That floor was a passion of mine, a 50 yr old on the floor was the “kid” age ones- most pts were 60 and above. I made a pack with myself to never let a pt die alone. And to die with much as possible.  So at times there were tricky moments to be with the dying pt and care for all the others too. No patient I had ever went without, and I can remember a Christmas Eve where I stayed late to sit by the bedside and hum Christmas songs to a dying pt. I punched out on time..and than I became her visitor of sorts….. It was not the pay—it was the feeling like nursing was helping people in their most vulnerable times. When all their life is stripped from them and no matter if a person was a dignitary, a lawyer, or a street person—everyone had the same gown, the same nurses, and the same treatment  So nursing to me was a way to provide the care needed-but also appreciate the stressors of being out of their elements. Trying to make it the best experience for the situation at hand, And in the end,,,, when a pt died… I hope they went in peace .
Life is in our control yet out of our control.. we live here..than I truly believe we move onto a better place… eternal peace. We must always look for things to be thankful for—they are there—we need to take time to appreciate them. We need to appreciate life..for it is not around forever. We need to stop procrastinating and just do it..whatever it is….

A motto my mom taught us… along with  the golden rule…. is to treat each person as if this is your last encounter with them.. how do YOU want to be remembered when ( as my brother put it) The lights go out.  Love to all, Cindy alias Mrs Justa…