Oh this is HOT … summer time in the US of A has been summer alright. It brings me back to days of yesteryears….

I probably have told this story before- but it is fresh in my mind—so just incase I did not – here goes… See if many of the readers are over 50… they might not remember if I wrote this before or not… That is the nice part about aging… we can read the same books and watch the same movies and it is ALL NEW !!!

pinto 001When I was 18 I bought my first new car. It was a 1972 day-glow orange , 2 door, ford pinto. I cost me 1995.00. This car had an AM radio, bucket seats that were jet black vinyl.

I those days of yesteryear—I had some shorty short denim shorts. I think my underwear I wear today has more material than those shorts. Well I gotta tell ya, one could get some pretty serious burns on their legs , on days like today, wearing short shorts and plopping thine butt on those seats. I remember that I used to have to start to sit, than do these movements like backwards push ups , to block the sun and I guess I  kinda fanned the seats. I would probably have to take 5 minutes gradually introducing my flesh to the very hot vinyl.

Now if that was not painful enough.. I did not want people to know I had the major stripped down model. So I would drive around for as long as possibly able to withstand it… with the windows rolled up and my vents open, blowing hot air on my face and making my hair move… I pretended to be “rich” like other people and have air conditioning. I remember often sitting at a light, windows up as tight as a drum, and me nodding to the other people as if I was comfortably cool. HA HA… I thought I had fooled people… but I am sure they figured it out if they were by me for any amount of time, because there would come a point I would frantically roll the windows down ( yes with manual cranks) and rapidly breath in the air from outside…

Tonight I went on a semi frantic search for some window fans…… it is hotter than Haiti here and tomorrow has the potential to break some over 100 degree records. We have some of the tower fans..but they do not help to suck in the outdoors air…they just kinda move around the hot air in the house. We have an air conditioner- but it is in a bed room. The window fans do work really well.

So we stopped at K Mart—they only had the box fans and a couple stand up pedestal fans… but alas—back to old faithful….. the Fulton NY Super Wal-Mart and they have tons of fans… so I got 2 window fans and we are moving some air around this place.

more 2-8-2011 015Yes…. this has been a good summer for summertime stereo typical weather… but things are dry…. very hot…. and snow is looking really good right now !!!.

Stay as cool as possible…. eat some freeze pops,suck on ice cubes, drink water , gater-aid..and let things be when it is up in the 100s.

  Until later…. Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy