We just finished a wonderful couple days at Letchworth State Park  with Jeff, Amanda and their two little guys. Letchworth Camping 7-14 and 7-15 2011 089The weather was dry, a tad hot and humid, beautiful blue sky and sights galore to see. It was neat that they actually have parking areas you can drive to to see many of the things and avoid huge walks up and down gorges.

On Thursday night my number one husband ( Walt) came to visit Jeff, see the boys and Amanda… (he is  Jeff’s natural dad) and we did pop down to Jeff’s campsite when he was there. It is a strange feeling to have my first husband there and realize all the time that has passed since we were together. Mark and Walt did get to spend a little time together too, we all get along. But it was strange.

Now fortunately we have a civil relationship, if we did not, a suggestion he had might have been taken differently. We were talking about taking photos on Friday of various things to see and he suggested we wanted some really neat photos that we could go onto a trestle railroad bridge and take pictures of the falls below. I asked if it was a marked path to go on..he said no… I asked if it was a live railroad bridge .. he said yes. Letchworth Camping 7-14 and 7-15 2011 082Well here is what he was referring to…

Now, maybe it is just me… but I really do not think it is wise to walk along a live railroad track, 140 feet above the water, and hope a train does not come through. Now.. maybe it is a wish some ex husbands might have for their x wife… but I am thinking he was being sincere.

In looking at this shot I took though..,. I am Letchworth Camping 7-14 and 7-15 2011 076going back through my mind to see if I had done something really bad that I have forgotten about !. Look at that… there is no railing, no path….

Many may not know my clutz ability in life… but this is not a place meant for me to explore. The photo I would have taken would have been of me with my foot caught in a railroad track board…. or……………., of falling into the water… neither of them are really worth it to me.

I was pretty from below!. On Friday night we got to see Josh, Adrianne and Mackenzie for a cook out dinner.. So it was like a mini family reunion with Marks and My kids and their kids.

Coming back on Saturday was nice because I still have the weekend. We picked up Indi at the kennel, he was seizure free for the 3 days he was there, and we have everything packed in the camper that stays in there, and will get ready for our next venture.

This summer has been incredible!, Not tons of rain, sun shine and more cool nights than not. We have to water the garden, cuz mother nature has kinda let it go…. and we will see how it grows. Hope all is well with you. Love Mrs Justa. alias Cindy