Have you ever come across a person that just should not be doing the job they are doing? I mean maybe they are a good worker..but the job they have… just not meeting their mannerisms.. Ya just wanna say… “HELLO__ANYONE IN THERE??”

Tonight we went to our main  grocery store and there was a new cashier there. She was pretty focused on her work, but see this grocery store is a bag you own grocery store, so the cashiers put the rung up  items in your cart and you bag your groceries at a huge counter area after they are through.

She was scanning stuff and I noticed the more she did, that she was dropping the groceries in the cart. It really did not matter what the item was… can, bananas, lettuce… nope they all got equal treatment… swing arm over cart with about a foot clearance above the cart…. –open hand—and plop… GRRRR… the turn the other cheek part of me was ready to stop turning and say something—but than I thought that might increase her distance from the place she held the grocery items to the place they landed.

Now she might be good as a female boxer…. but a cashier at a grocery store –not so much…

Annoyed : Cartoon sulky teenager with folded arms and a scowlThere is a place just up the road from us that changed owners this past summer. It is a gas station with an eatery and it is a  lottery ticket place, has some aisles with some food items for those in a hurry and not worried about paying 3 x the cost in a grocery store… well the people behind the counter—they almost growl when you come up to the register. No eye contact, their movements and mannerisms are as if the customer is bothering them. They are probably late teens early 20s..and man oh man… I just want to say something… Like  “NEWS FLASH>>> without the customers..you would not be here!!!” and than slap them a couple times Smile  ( Just kidding about slapping them!)

Amazed : A cartoon dog looking upwards with a look of regret on faceYep…than earlier  today one of the nurses was on the phone with an office that needed an authorization for an MRI for a patient. The nurse reviewed the info and was ready to give the person the authorization number..and she said—“Oh wait a minute..I have to put down my MAGAZINE !!!” Are ya kidding me????? Bet the docs would love to know their employee is reading magazines while working… Oh the list goes on and on….

I am just amazed…. so I am off now to cut one of the bruised bananas up…life goes on… (at least she did not drop the eggs !!!. I was worried she was going to..) Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy  Thanks to free clipart/google images for these images tonight…