Do you have places where you spend time in every single day…?

100_0319Well this room gets about 2 hrs of my time some nights. It is a place to relax, reflect, read up on the news events of the day, look at the stupid stuff people put on Facebook , and write a few thoughts down to you.

Mark asked me why I do this, and I thought—gee… this was his blog a while back..he had done 2. After doing 2 blogs for a while he asked me to be a ghost writer…which I did..but he left the ghost here and stopped coming to this blog to write anything. So why I do it, because a he asked me to help him out a zillion months ago..and he seemed to forget the way back.

He has not done the other blog for quite a while now it is me solo… But the more I did this, the more I realized I was opening up parts of my mind and memories—that without this avenue  those words might be locked up for only me to experience. For our grandkids,our own kids,  for our friends, for you… there might be a thought or an experience that brings value or meaning to someone else.

I have had memories I have shared that were painful, and many that were pleasant memories..all of them got me to here, and I know here is not the end of the challenges and accomplishments.

Life is full of adversities…and I guess my outlook is much like this quote…

“We have no right to ask when sorrow comes,

"Why did this happen to me?"

unless we ask the same question

for every moment of happiness that comes our way.

~Author Unknown”

When we were married 100E0311there was a rose part of the ceremony. And in that we said that a rose would be a silent way for one of us to let the other know—we messed up..we are sorry… we are thinking of them… would be an ice breaker in the times of life’s adversities. A symbol of our love. So if we felt the need to show a silent gesture of love… a rose would appear… we knew it came from the other person.

The first spring after Mark and I were married.. He and Jeff went out and bought 3 huge rose bushes… I laughed when Mark said he was paying in advance…

As I look back.. at  the not  so great times that have come into our lives at times… I focus on all the good times we have had.. Those rose bushes died a long time ago.. but the memory of them goes on… In their life—there were more roses than there have been some not okay times… As I look back—each time of struggle—maybe related to  emotional issues , financial issues , caused by stress, or just by the trials of living… we have come to the other side stronger. The adversity just opened a doorway to a stairway of strength.

100E0310I guess in a way I hope at sometime maybe something I say ,or a memory from long ago,  or something I  think and write it out  , or something I share about something I have  done…that it might be like  a rose in your day… And hopefully someday, people who have known me might find comfort in the words after I am not around to write them anymore…

I hope you can find comfort in the memories you have, and thanks for coming and sharing a moment with me.

Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy