If at first you don’t succeed… try again! I e mailed Pastor Carol apologizing again for being sick and not soloing Sunday… I asked him to let me know if there is a day that people have not signed up..and lo and behold…next Sunday is in need of a singer… So I will give it a try. I feel better than I did Saturday… fingers crossed.

Preston is about to turn 2 years old… kind of hard to believe the time has flown right by.

It seems like each grandchild their years go faster. My goodness…. 2 years old..really!!


The boys over 4-27-2012 012








I still have trouble believing our own kids are 30. Where does time go?

We have some home repair stuff to do around here… nothing major..the furnace guys should be coming back soon with the part for the furnace.Fortunately it is working for us..dang it has been cold out.

Than I was raising the mini blind in the living room this weekend..and well let’s just say it became more mini.. Yep—the top support bar on it totally snapped—so the 44 1/2 inch blind was now maybe 32 inches wide… So we need to put up new holder on-ers to hold onto the new blinds…I can get the little ladder and stand on it,, he can help me hold the pieces in place, and we will be the new pieces up there…….


the infamous squirrel saga… 100_4414well it continues.. So we had Orkon come about a month ago and quote us 2500 buckaroonies to put up flashing under the lip of the house…

so we went and bought the flashing and this weekend..if it warms up ( it is suppose to) ..it will be a gluing of flashing under the lip of the house party.

( Now do we know how to have a good time!!) We will get through it…2 more Mark and Cindy’s wonderful adventures…

Mark get’s pretty dizzy and his leg is messed up..so if we tag team—well I think we will be okay. He does have another test tomorrow…sure would be nice to get some answers… this has gotta be so uncomfortable to live like that every day!

I am off to cut his hair… the test is gonna be putting probes on his head… less hair… easier to not have any sticky stuff on your head… than next week… maybe the tests will lead to an answer..

Peace to all… prayers to those in need, Love always. Mrs Justa alias Cindy