Work ethic, work pride… we have to get better!.

Last night..guess what… the furnace stopped working again. I do not know how it knows to go out on wind gust warning nights, when it is below 40 degrees out…but it did.

Fortunately the heated mattress pad continues to work ( my side somewhat Marks side real well) ..(that is because he is my side more than his !) During the night the house got cool. It is pretty well built—so I think even being off all night –it only got down to 62 this morning. Now that is not a bad temp—I guess… but when you are butt naked coming out of a hot shower…well it is kinda cold.

Mark tried to see if it would work this morning and we witnessed a miracle… as the shower was warming me up..the furnace came on for one cycle and heated the house up a little. For the rest of the day… nothing….

0060-0504-0816-0342[1]The lady at the office assured Mark that someone would be here towards 5. She said someone would call before they got here…. well no calls….so Mark called this afternoon to make sure we were all set… She said yes and she would call back with more info.. NO CALL… Mark had driven me in this morning and he came to get me at 4:30. I left promptly so we could get home for the propane guy…. NO man…. I called the office—it goes to their after hours message center. I left a message…. about 15 minutes later a guy calls back and says he did not know anything about us needing a service call.. GRRRRRR.. SO I went through our last 24 hrs… and he determined it is most likely the vacuum switch.( which he has none with him) . He asked if we would be okay till morning… well we have lots of blankets, and what are our choices??? Pay him to come out to say we need the switch and still not have heat…. so tomorrow is the day perhaps it will get fixed.

It is just frustrating… this was not working a few weeks ago—they arrive—it works.. $64.80 for it to work for them.. SO for the past couple weeks..working fine…. now again not working. it is blinking an error code “ Combustion switch stuck open” so at least now it is telling us what is wrong.. last time the error code was “would not ignite”

I am thankful we do not have any pet birds (ya gotta keep them warmer than this)…. I am thankful that it is in the 30s and not in the zeros…., I am thankful we do not have a pilot light to play with..( this is a self contained furnace with a hot plate that lights the propane..)  ..and I am really thankful tomorrow morning they will be here….

It is annoying , it is only 3 + years old… But what can ya do..reaccept try to stay warm…

We will try to see if we can get it to cycle a couple times to warm up the house… but than it will be off for the night. The repair guy told Mark to tap ere and there and try it… We tapped here and there tonight—it came on once…. uggg… we will get through it..BUT people on the phone should not promise things that can not be true. There should be a mutual respect for each others time… AND do not say you are going to call..and than not call…..

Until tomorrow.. see ya. Love to all,, Chattering Mrs Justa alias Cindy