Shhhhh the house is quiet… A baseball game quietly spoken  on the radio in the background, as I sit and type this.

4-6-2012 Brandon and Preston spent the night 004We offered to take the boys for the night, so Amanda and Jeff could have a Friday evening for themselves. They dropped them off around5:45 this evening. So we got to do dinner and bath time, and as the boys ( Grandpa included) were hanging out in the living room, I asked Mark if he was okay if I went and practiced for 6 minutes… so I went into the bedroom the boys sleep in to practice a couple songs – both are options for my Sunday solo. I am debating back and forth between the 2….

I had no idea how the boys would react to me singing—for all I knew they would not notice—than….All of the sudden I have 2 little 4-6-2012 Brandon and Preston spent the night 028boys in the room, looking up at me, and walking so softly to the bed. I looked over and they were sitting on the bed, eyes kind of glazed , small smiles on their faces, listening. When I finished the first song, I did not know what they would do. Almost together they asked me to do another. So I did the second choice. They had started to talk to me, so Mark had asked them if they wanted to come out of the room, Preston walked out..but only to come right back in.. he wanted to be there… I thought it was cool.  
I got ready to put it all away and Brandon and Preston said ‘nother gamma”.. so I sang a few  more… during the third song it was was so neat.. I had sat on the bed, Preston cuddled up to me as I sang the song, Brandon shut the light off in the room—the only light was from the TV screen with the Karaoke words highlighting…. he put a small fleece blanket around his shoulders and started dancing …twirling and tip toeing….This continued for the next couple.  It was one of those special moments… one that may not ever go out of my memory… totally special.

I am still debating over which song, as Brandon was lying down in bed he said maybe we could call my daddy and mommy and they could bring over my “speaker” for tomorrow…see he has a kids microphone. He told me he has to share it with his brother, but it works and he could sing with me. I told him maybe next time he comes out we could try to sing a song together.

I am going to have to get a kids karaoke CD and let him and his brother sing songs too… Yep.. today was a special evening…. Love to all.. Mrs Justa alias Cindy