First I have to share this photo. Mark took it with his cell phone last night – Jeff and Amanda invited us over for a visit and coffee last  evening. Brandon said “Gampa.. and than he did this .MArks phone 376

He tilted his head and did a wink like a wheeling dealing guy… Kinda like “Hey there’re looking pretty fine tonight!”

It was so funny..and every time we asked him where he learned it,,he just turned towards us and winked.

The bird saga in the dryer vent is resolved. We found at Home Depot website  that they had a dryer vent cage, Mark picked it up Friday  and we got in on Friday evening. We put it on with mounting tape…than tonight we pulled the dryer away from the wall and took off the vent pipe from the inside…let’s just say..this is done and there were no nests left in this pipe… and was interesting trying to get this accomplished… the space to pull the dryer out is very narrow..and neither Mark or I are as narrow as it is… yep… very interesting…..

So now we have the squirrel dilemma, which we are not certain is an issue any longer. We are listening… observing…

4-13-2012 003We have our camper out of the storage area and it is going for the Spring workup- where they inspect it, they flush out the water system and replace the filter, and check it over.

We can not go to the camp site where we have a membership , until May 15th… so we have time.

It seems like life just is going way too fast at times. Get up on a Saturday morning and it is time to go back to bed before I know it !. Now heck—it is Sunday at 7:42 and the weekend is gone. Did a lot… intended to do way more than I did….

I can not complain though— just reminds me of those old merry go rounds in the play ground… like this one I found on google images…

does anyone remember these things… Kids would be on it and a few others hanging on and running to get it to go real fast… once you were running so fast it felt like your feet were gonna end up sticking straight out behind you – it was time to try to jump on… any other kids coming to ride had to try to jump on while it was spinning… it is  this merry go round..and me I am the runner trying to hop on.

It is time to unwind… time to maybe make a spot of tea and get ready for the week that is starting… Peace to all. Love, Cindy..alias Mrs Justa…