Sept sky fog 016

I think I could lie on the ground and stare at the clouds all day long. I am not kidding you. I love the show that we are blessed with. It is better than a movie, better than a good book, it is awesome. It is totally mesmerizing.


We go about our days and I wonder who never looks up and really sees the majestic display of WOW.  We are truly blessed with so many things, I write about this often, but never enough. Sept sky fog 021

Today I was sitting in my car at lunch time, rehearsing over and over again a song I want to learn for a solo in 2 weeks.

It is strange how it all came about. I needed some new CDs for accompaniment and so I went onto a Christian music site and starting choosing ones I thought might work. Well this one I had no idea what it was… but I liked the title. “The Prayer” So I blindly chose that one, thinking while I awaited the delivery of the 6 CDs, wondering what this song would be like…. They came Saturday. SO Monday on the way to work I put this CD and 2 others in the car’s CD player.. Well… 2 measures into the song and I was mesmerized… like how I am when I look at the clouds. Today is day 2 of working on this song… I have a back up in case I can not get it… but I am working really hard on it.

Yes clouds and music take me to places I can not go to without them….I hope you have something that brings you peace , as these things do me.

Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy…