Easter was a beautiful day today… sun blessing us with warmth, a cool breeze, and few clouds. I really was a nice day.

For many many years, we all got together for Easter and had a whomping big meal… but that seems to have dwindled in the years past.

This weekend has been a busy one, seemed to fly by and was filled with very special moments.

4-6-2012 Brandon and Preston spent the night 032Friday we had the opportunity to pick up the 4-6-2012 Brandon and Preston spent the night 023boys and have them spend them sleep over. We had a nice time with them and somehow fit in stories, playing, drawing, baking cookies, going to the Easter extravaganza at church and making a Goulash dinner Sat night for when their parents came over to pick them up. It was quite the 24 hrs…

Easter Sunday 2012-walk weeded, mulched 001Today brought a day of sun shine. I enjoyed a wonder service at church this morning and than made a promise to myself to weed the walkway and put down some new mulch.


Easter Sunday 2012-walk weeded, mulched 002








It took a couple hours, but it was fun doing it, and rewarding to have it done.

We are going to have turkey cutlets tonight, but we at a kind of late lunch so I am about to go cook now.

I feel great really, I love having a lot of time outside. It really is amazing how awesome that life can be. Sure we have heartaches, and tons of challenges…. but it is truly awesome.

I feel blessed. I hope you have had a good day… now to get ready for the week ahead!.

My love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy