hmmm WHAT TO DO? MArks phone 012We are having some friends over Saturday night, people we do not get to see very much at all.People who we enjoy being with every time we are together… I was wondering when the last time we were all together.. Ya know I think it has been a couple years. The sad thing is that we live maybe 20 minutes from each other.

So I am wondering what I will make for dinner. I have an idea but I have not made a solid decision yet. It just has made me think about how we can not make up minutes we lose, times we have lost, meetings we never did.

Wow, thinking about my life, my family, my friends, my age… just is kind of humbling. I look at the calendar and it is already April. Wasn’t it just the first day of 2012 yesterday? I feel like life is a treadmill… going faster and faster.. What are the things that we are missing while the treadmill takes us faster and faster through day, weeks and years.

I am not sure how we can not lose moments, lose precious time. I get home from work and I am busy doing stuff… go to bed and get up the next day and do it again. Before I know it another week is gone…5 days gone—and really no meeting with people who mean so much to me, to us.

Tonight we did STOP and took  MArks phone 101some time to have coffee with the friends we normally  have Sat breakfast with.This couple and us—we do stay in touch with one another.  As everyone was sitting there..the guys talking and joking with each other…making their silly innuendos… enjoying the time together… Pat and I watching them as they sunk to adolescent levels of humor intermittently…  it made me realize how precious each of these moments are.

I have had times in my life when people have left my life—by death, by relocation, by situations…. and there are things I never said—times we never shared,    moments that I have lost the opportunity to share with them.

images[1]So Saturday night is a night to really enjoy spending time with these friends of our…. I want it to be a special time. HMMMM… I am leaning towards pecan chicken dinner…. I made it one other time and it was delicious.

Than my next goal will be to have a family dinner here in the future…. just because… not wait for a holiday… a just because time…nothing fancy, but time to get together and just enjoy our family….We need to do this more.

Love to all, cherish each moment, Mrs Justa alias Cindy