The other day I saw something that was so neat. There was a man – I figure this young boys dad, walking next to the riding mower, as this young boy was driving the tractor and cutting the grass. The mower was going slow, the boy had both hands on the wheel, his concentration could be seen for miles, but more than that was the pride on both the dad’s face and the boy.

100_3510That is what being a dad is about. Showing your children how to do things, and giving them a little string to try it out..but not too much distance—so you can coach them, guide them, teach them .

As I drove by I wanted to zoom home, grab my camera and take a photo—but I felt it was one of those special moments that I must treasure the image in my mind..and share it with words.

I wonder how many times in my life someone has done the same for me! More than I can count . From the time our parents are encouraging us to point to our eyes, our noses, to take the first step….Adriannes birthday 2-16-12 30 yrs old 004 there are key people in our lives sharing their knowledge with us. Teachers, leaders, parents, friends, peers, orientors, the list goes on and on….

I hope I have done that for others. For I am truly thankful for all that others have shared with me, trusted me,, taught me.  I think back to many times in my life when someone showed me how to do something, and to know now that because of their time… I have abilities to do things I would not have understood on my own.

This boy I saw..I bet he will remember  that moment for a very long time. To know that his dad trusted him enough to let him drive the tractor… to feel big enough to be able to drive it… to be able to show maturity to know this is serious and not something to horse around with.

It was a special moment to watch it in passing… and it brought to the forefront all the people who have been there for me….

The sad thing is many of the people I never have thanked… but I hope they know how important they were in my life…

Oh..and the furnace saga…. go figure…. the guy comes here this afternoon—and it worked !! It was not working last was flashing a code which confirmed there was a problem… and tonight—it worked for him… Now I am gonna be worried it is going to do it again… sigh….(hmmm..I have not heard it come on for a while)

… Love to all… Mrs Justa alias Cindy