This week has been kinda trying, we had training for all the clinical staff and have been keeping work flowing basically half staffed. A bunch of us are putting in extra time, I am so glad I work with the people I do.

I do not know what I did at the gym on Saturday and Sunday, but I had a back ache for the past few days. I did go tonight and am feeling a little worn out this evening.  I avoided the gym for a couple of days and tonight I just did a 45 minute work out.

This weekend the team I work with is coming in on Saturday, just to catch up from the week of half staff and vacations. I love my weekends, I think everyone does, but we all gather together and bust butt for 4-6 hrs, and it makes a HUGE difference.

Tomorrow we get to spend the evening with the 2 grand-boys- they are so much fun. They cuddle, they relate with one another, love to be read to and then they have little spats. It really is fun to watch them. I love bath time… they would stay in the tub for an hour if we let them, but usually after 1/2 hr we get them out.

I am sitting here listening to an investment guy from Maryland  talking about the doom and gloom of the country and the financial situations globally  we are about to end up in. He is stating things about how this country needs to stop spending and try to attempt to handle the debt. What he says is happening really— there are no answers for a pion as me. I dunno what we could do… plant a garden, try to become more self sufficient, it seems like this world is consuming everything. The I wants, the new toys, the faster world, digital, techy…. it is kind of scary- when you think about the stories of the Great Depression ( why the heck did they call it GREAT??) , it may end up like that again. So now this guy has totally bummed me out…. I am going to take a hot shower- while we have hot water.

Brrrr,,, can you imagine if in the winter our bath water was from melted snow? Some dudes tell you to buy gold— but try to buy bread with a hunk of gold. And what if you had gold- if no one has money, what do you do?? Throw it at people?

I hate to be apathetic, but I do not know for sure if his answers are the answers. What to do? Who to listen to? The Internet can be great…. but the Internet is also not so great.

This guy states he knows everything, but he will not run for office, he will not take money from you….he is just showing a power point and in a story book tone, he is telling a non comforting prediction for the future. Supposedly at the end of his 45 minute power point he is going to share secrets to get through this doom..

Hot shower,,, heated mattress pad,  electric alarm clock—that is my path right now. Let go and Let God….. goodnight

Love to all… Cindy alias Mrs Justa.