I guess I just do not understand some people. There was a call in show this morning where the subject was what people thought about the Census. And there were people who called in and really felt it was simple to fill out and to just do it. Than there were these folks calling in screaming about the government being in their business, and their rights are being taken away from them, oh they ranted and raved for what seemed like an eternity.

I was amazed. The Census is the way for the government to see what needs have changed all across this country. Do you live in an area where there has been growth of homes being built, or maybe many homes foreclosed on and people have left. With the information from the Census it gives a birds eye view of the people and children in any area, of the average gross income, of the number of people living in a home.

It is because we live in America that these people have the freedom to call in and openly speak their minds. It is because we live in this country that we have roads that are safe, and public assistance , and opportunities that people in other countries may only dream of.

People will complain if when the numbers are tallied, and because of people not submitting the information, there is less then what there should be coming in to assist in aid to the schools, hence forth your school taxes would have to go up. Or less money going to your counties… so your property taxes will go up.

The government has many ways to find out about you, the census is not to spy on you… it is a fact finding way. And if you want to save money, fill out the damn form and don’t make the government pay someone to find you. My goodness, I am amazed at the self centeredness , victimism of some people.

To them I say, if you don’t like it, you can leave the USA and miss what you had. But for those who like being in this country, really, just take your blue or black ink pen and answer the much simplified form. Heck they even pay your postage!!. I for one am glad I live in the USA… Love to all, Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy

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