I know I do not know much about this proposed new Health Care Reform Bill, but I know that in listening to the president and the parties speaking about it, I have not really heard anyone speak of things that actually do need reform. And I  do not see in the bullet points that are flying around today, that issues that need to be addressed have been.

Things like putting a cap on what a hospital can charge for a day in their facility. There can be 2 hospitals within a mile radius of one another, and you can have one charge 1100.00 a day and the next one charges 4-5,000.00 a day.


Or maybe a cap on what a physician can charge for coming into a room for 3 minutes and determining what is wrong with you. When we go to the doctors, we are not paying for the service rendered, we are paying for a lot of plush things that are not necessary to deliver appropriate health care. Heck there is one office in this area where you go in and there is a fountain in the center, and a refrigerator where you can get a beverage.

Or maybe stopping doctors from having people come back every 6 months whether they need to or not. Stopping the incredible cost of medications, the pharmaceutical companies charge exorbitant amounts for medications- more than they need to. Check out this article…   http://www.forbes.com/2010/02/19/expensive-drugs-cost-business-healthcare-rare-diseases.html   

Limiting how much a doctor can be sued for malpractice. Having drug reps drive their own cars, and get rid of the plush SUVs that the drug reps are given. How about stopping the wooing of doctors by bringing their whole staff lunches, dinners. Stop the cruises and bonus pay backs when doctors write the script for the expensive drug a drug company wants to have pushed.

How about doing actual serving sizes at restaurants, and maybe having a limit to how big clothing gets. These would improve health care costs in the long run.

Lets push less sodium in foods, and lets encourage a mid day break in the work day. Lets have water free and accessible to people. I heard someone in a drug store the other day and they wanted a cold drink. So they went to the drink cooler and saw the water and the diet soda were each $1.59 a bottle. So the person mumbled, if I am going to pay "$1.59, I am going to pay for more than water in the bottle. Yes we need reform… but I do not see these topics being touched, and without control of the incredible prices, well the costs are not going to go down.. Love to all Mrs Justa… alias Cindy